Infrared Hands Free 1.3 Gal Trash Can

Infrared Hands Free 1.3 Gal Trash Can
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Product Description

Infrared Hands Free 1.3 Gallon. These cans ideally fit any bedroom or bathroom. However, with its compact design it fits perfectly in any office under a desk or even next to a sofa in a living room.
This 1.5 Gallon Stainless Steel Hands-Free Trash Can is 100% hands-free, foot-free operated, wireless, lidded waste disposal system. The built-in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Smart-Chip knows when you need to open trash can, and do all the openings and closings for you without touching or step-on anything. Place hand or debris about 6 inches away from the infrared sensor near the lid. It will open instantly when you approach and will close automatically in 3-second after debris has been released and hand moves away. Lid will remain open if debris or hand is within 6 inches range of the infrared sensor. There are 2 buttons on the front to open and close the lid manually and an on/off switch on the back of the trashcan. Use 4 D sized batteries. Batteries last approximately 6 months. Key Benefits: Hygienic and convenience, keeps your hands clean when cooking or touching your kid, opens for you automatically when your hands or feet are occupied, ideal for elderly and healthcare industries.

Infrared Hands Free 1.3 Gal Trash Can features:
  • Capacity: 1.3 Gallons
  • Size: 10.0 X 8.5 X 11.2
  • Material: Quality Metal
  • Inner bin: plastic, black
  • Batteries: 4 x D Required (not included)
Truly a leap forward in style and functionality, this trash can uses a built-in smart chip that automatically opens when you need it to. Just wave your hand or debris in front of the infrared sensor. Keeps your house germ and odor free! When you hand or any object comes into the induction area (about 15cm from the inductive window), the lid will be opened automatically. Then it will be closed automatically once you have put the garbage into it and you hand moves away from the induction area. You never need to touch any part of it.

So, "WAVE GOODBYE TO WASTE" and say hello to the new 21st century trash can.