NineStars Automatic Infrared 10.5 Gallon Trashcan

NineStars Automatic Infrared 10.5 Gallon Trashcan
Item# DZT408
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Product Description

NineStars DZT408 Infrared Waste Bin Touchless 10.5 Gallon Stainless Steel trash can. The new model DZT408 from the Stainless Steel Infrared Trash Can Collection is now available. The future is now with this amazing touchless 10.5 gallon stainless steel waste bin. This trash can is 100% hand free, wireless, opens and closes for you without touching or stepping on anything. The patented infrared sensor detects movement within 10 inches, triggering the lid to open so you no longer have to touch the dirty trash cans, while reducing the risk of cross contamination. The lid will stay open as long as you are in the sensing range. The lid will close three seconds after you or the debris has left. This infra red can is battery-operated, more energy efficient, and will run for more than 10,000 opening and closing cycles (approximately a year before batteries need to be replaced).(Batteries are not included). The trash can also features on/off button and an open close button for when you want the lid to stay opened. The unique liner ring allows for the trash bag to be securely placed within the trashcan..

This sleek infrared trash can are easy to clean and a perfect addition to any kitchen or home decor. The lids are made of ABS plastic that will not crack, warp or change color, and they shut securely, trapping pesky odors.