Touch Free Infra-Red 13 Gallon Trash Can DZT-50-19

Touch Free Infra-Red 13 Gallon Trash Can DZT-50-19
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Product Description

NineStars infrared DZT5019 from the Stainless Steel Infrared Trash Can Collection is now available.The future is now with this amazing touchless 13.2 Gallon/50 Ltr stainless steel waste bin. The Touch Free Stainless Steel 13.2-Gallon is ISO 9001-2000 certified and helps eliminate cross contamination. This trash can is 100% hand free, wireless, opens and closes for you without touching or stepping on anything. Place hand or debris with in 6" of the lid and it will open automatically. The lid will stay open as long as you are in the sensing range. The lid will close three seconds after you or the debris has left. Runs on 4 D size batteries that will last six months if opened 20 times a day (Batteries are not included). The trash can also features on/off button and an open close button for when you want the lid to stay opened. Also has a garbage fix ring to hold the bag inside the can.